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I have been using Chef to manage our servers.

My roles/app.rb looks like this:

name "app"

description "App server"

run_list [

Now I would like to remove the nginx package from the machine. If I remove the nginx recipie in run_list, will it remove nginx from the nodes? If not please advise me what is the best strategy to have change-management on nodes.

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If you remove nginx from the run_list that particular recipe just won't run. It won't actually remove nginx from the nodes because it doesn't know how to. I was actually pondering about this yesterday.

You can write your own recipe which undoes recipe[nginx] maybe recipe[remove_nginx] or something like that. Following that you can then remove recipe[remove_nginx].

Someone else also thinks this is a good way to do things which is at least a little reassuring:


Apparently you can remove a recipe from the run_list in a ruby_block, so that saves you the hassle of using knife to remove it yourself after it is run:


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Excellent answer! Just FYI the opscode.com link is broken. –  nrobey Nov 12 '14 at 15:11

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