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I have developed one add-on using REST WCF now client wants to get information of customer who are going to use this add-on, I have researched on google but couldn't find relevant things so if any expert on heroku here can explain me about that?


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Heroku doesn't disclosure any information about the customers to you. The only information you know about the client is its heroku_id that is passed by Heroku during provisioning (see the the Heroku API spec).

Action :  POST /heroku/resources
Input  :  json { "heroku_id": "app123@heroku.com", "plan": "basic",
                 "callback_url": "https://api.heroku.com/vendor/apps/123" }
Output :  json { "id": 456, "config": { ... }, "message": "your message here" }

Under the terms of the Add-ons License Agreement Heroku can optionally provide you email addresses of your add-on users. You may use this information exclusively for issues related to the operation of your add-on. More details are available in the operations page.

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During provision call of Heroku to my add-on i need to call post method to get heroku id ?? I did't get exactly where i need to put this call , can you please explain me? –  Arun Rana Sep 13 '11 at 4:59
This ID is sent to you by Heroku when Heroku calls your application to provision a new API. Please read the Heroku technical integration section addons.heroku.com/provider/resources/technical/how/overview –  Simone Carletti Sep 13 '11 at 8:31

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