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There seems to be a change in the API. It's been a few days it's not possible to access pages' profile picture anymore. You could usually do that by querying:


Any idea on how to do that now?

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First of all: Works for me. At least the sample link from the documentation¹ and a few others.

It might be possible that the visibility of a picture is restricted, in that case you have to request the picture with a proper access token in the url. Use this format:


See the doc, under [Authorization].

¹ Sample link: http://graph.facebook.com/DoloresPark/picture

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This works for me, but it has to be modified to be https instead of the claimed http –  Ben Roux Dec 18 '13 at 1:15

you can also get the info via an app id if you want to find the picture with an facebook app request.

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