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I have a problem regarding Google App Engine. I wanted to create a new application and SMS verification code is required. I entered my phone number correctly, but i received nothing !!! ... again and again until "You have sent too many SMS verification messages." and yet i got nothing.

I came by this question and tried it, but still not working: Is SMS the only way to register with Google App Engine?

Does anyone know what can i do to solve this problem ?


Samer Samy

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Did you fill out the SMS issues form?

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Yes i did and finally they replied to me ... it worked – Samer Makary Sep 13 '11 at 6:57

I was having problems too, only I wanted it to call my phone. I realized that I wasn't clicking the 'call me' radio option. Once I did that, it called right away.

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Please enter a phone number that has not been used. It worked for me.

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I tried this too, but it didn't work for me ... !! – Samer Makary Sep 12 '11 at 11:49

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