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I have my Plone instance setup. I am trying to call custom python script function from my login_next script.

How would I do that ?

say for eg:


def disp():
   return 'Hello world'

How would I call this disp() inside my login_next script ?

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So this Custom_print.py is in a skins directory that is available in portal_skins and is used in the default skin? In other words: visiting http://your-plone-site/Custom_print returns the string 'Hello world'?

Then you can customize the login_next script (in the custom map of portal_skins or in your own skin on the file system) and call context.Custom_print() there.

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it depends on where did you put that script:

  • if you have that script in a skin directory you will have to use Acquisition (as maurits says): context.Custom_print() . Just be aware of Acquisition's pitfalls.
  • if it's filesystem module you will just "use it" like this: import mymodule; mymodule.Custom_print()
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No, you cannot just 'use it' by importing. The login_next script runs under certain restrictions, and only if the filesystem module is on the module whitelist can you import it. –  Martijn Pieters Sep 12 '11 at 11:31
eheh, you are right...you have to enable it in allowed modules with this code: wiki.zope.org/zope2/HowToAddModulesToRestrictedCode –  Giacomo Spettoli Sep 12 '11 at 12:11

In the old Zope2/CMF portal_skins world, a portal_skins/*/foo.py object is treated like a method itself. IOW, there's no need to wrap it's contents with a def func_name() because the skin object will be "called" just by traversing to it with context.foo(). No importing or any of the other normal python stuff.

While we're trying to move away from this stuff as quickly as we can and back to more pythonic sanity, login_next is still a portal_skins script, so using a portal_skins script for what you're trying to do is appropriate. So your login_next script can just do return "Hello World" yourself.

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