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I do have the following problem. I have the following code.

<a id='image1'> <img> </img> </a>

Now how do i address the image inside those a tags.

You surely want to know why. Well, i have a slideshow, and it has an .active. class, i need But the problem is, the .active class is added to the <a> and not to the <img>. And since i need to change the src of the image, that is quite a problem.

So how do i address the image, when i only have the id of the a, i would really like doing this with JQUERY.


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Try this :

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THANK YOU very much, i have been wrestling with this for weeks. –  Henk Jansen Sep 12 '11 at 9:42

This should return the image -

$("a#image1 > img")

Then you could change the src via -

$("a#image1 > img").attr("src","yourimage.gif")
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you can do it like this:

$(".active img").mySuperAweSomeFunction();

You target the image in the active class.

to target the image in the link with the ID:

$("#img1 img").mySuperAweSomeFunction();
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