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I am trying to use draw feature of openlayer (polygon). It is possible for the end user to draw a polygon. But I want to draw the polygon through java script. I am trying to use insertXY and insertDeltaXY functions of openlayer, but there comes a js error "Object doesn't support property or method 'insertXY'".

Follow is my chunk of code.

var draw = new OpenLayers.Control.DrawFeature(
        OpenLayers.Handler.Polygon }

//Listen for sketch events on the layer
   featureadded: that.PolygonAdded

//Draw polygon if provided from codebehind

//Insert a point in the current sketch given x & y coordinates    
handler.insertXY(cords[0], cords[1]); 
//Insert a point given offsets from the previously inserted point.
handler.insertDeltaXY(cords[2], cords[3]); 
handler.insertDeltaXY(cords[4], cords[5]); 

Any help is highly appreciated.

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It would be easier to determine if we could see more of your code. What is handler. vectorLayer and so on? –  Chau Sep 17 '11 at 12:11

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Try using the draw object to insert points. According to the OpenLayers documentation the OpenLayers.Control.DrawFeature exposes the methods insertXY and insertDeltaXY. I don't know if your handler object has these methods.

//Insert a point in the current sketch given x & y coordinates    
draw.insertXY(cords[0], cords[1]);    
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