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I have some items in a listbox, and when i click on the particular item, i need to enter the corresponding value in a text box, and these have to be saved in an xml. For example. my listbox contains name and age. I click on name, enter the corresponding value(say John) in the text box and i need to save this to an xml. This has to be done for all the items in the listbox. I am a beginner and not too sure how to go about it. I hope my question is comprehensbile. How can i go about this? Thanks!

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           xmlDoc = XDocument.Load(TextBox1.Text);


        catch (Exception ex)


            Debug.WriteLine("  " + ex.ToString());


        if (null == xmlDoc)
            // Load from Isolated Storage failed so load from default settings in XAP file
            xmlDoc = XDocument.Load("Default.xml", LoadOptions.None);
        xmlDoc.Element("").Add(new XElement("username"));

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Hi,When i do this it says : The name 'strmSettings' does not exist in the current context.. How do i go about this? –  puzzled Sep 13 '11 at 3:36

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