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I'm trying to migrate one specific branch from a windows subversion berkeley db installation, however I cant seem to be able to work out how to pass a "path" to it as its a db structure and not a flat file system.

Can anyone give me any pointers, with preferably an example?


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svnadmin dump [PATH_TO_REPO] | svndumpfilter include [PATH_OF_BRANCH] output.dmp
svnadmin create [PATH_TO_NEW_REPO]
svnadmin load [PATH_TO_NEW_REPO] < output.dmp


  • [PATH_TO_REPO] and [PATH_TO_NEW_REPO] is the local Filesystempath to your repository, not the URL

[PATH_OF_BRANCH] is a repository relative path to your branch, without URL to repository, ususally something like:

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works perfectly thanks –  Sam Sep 12 '11 at 13:02

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