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For a few weeks I've been trying out GWT. Now I want to integrate a new module i made in GWT with an existing Web application. My problem is that I wan t the module to be put in a subdirectory of the webapp. Currently the code is put in ${webappDirectory}, but I want it in ${webappDirectory}/protected.

Any thoughts?

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GWT always compiles to a subfolder (named after the compiled module, or its rename-to attribute) of the -war folder you give it as argument; and it makes no assumption as to where the host page (the page that loads the *.nocache.js file) lives.

That means you can very well have your host page in a protected subfolder and have it load ../protected-gwt/protected-gwt.nocache.js.

If you really do want to put the compiled JS into the protected folder you'll have to either use it as the -war folder (and pass -deploy as argument to the GWT compiler pointing to the parent folder's WEB-INF/deploy –or somewhere else– if you don't want a protected/WEB-INF/deploy folder to be created), or move the files later, during your build process.
In any case, this will impact your ability to use the DevMode; one simple thing that's assured to work, is to deploy your webapp and launch the DevMode in -noserver mode.

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