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I am using tablesorter for sorting my tables. But it seems to sort only the visible data in my table. Suppose I have 100 records numbered 1 to 100 and I display only 10 records at a time, then when I sort a particular column, only those 10 records are sorted ascendingly(1->10) or descendingly(10->1). But I need the entire data to be sorted(i.e in the table I should get 1->10 or 100->91). How is that possible?

This is the code I use for sorting:


EDIT: I had noticed now that when I move to the next page, i.e, the second page, there I get the numbers as 90-81 (the entire data has been sorted in descending order). And When I move back to the first page, I get the numbers as 100-91. But Initially it is displayed as 10-1. What is the reason? How do I resolve this?

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how are you displaying 10 records at a time and how are you hiding the remaining 90? – Ali Sep 12 '11 at 10:52
I initially hide all the tr. And then display 10 by 10 using a for loop based on the page numbers. – Angeline Sep 12 '11 at 12:03
Why aren't you using the tablesorter pager addon? – Mottie May 13 '12 at 18:05

What you need to do is create a tag and not display it like

var table = $('<table></table>');

the add all the data to that tag and then do


The reason it is sorting what is displayed, is because your selecting the table that is displayed.

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I gave an id to the table and changed the code like this: var appln_tbl=$("table#disburement_application"); appln_tbl.tablesorter({ cssAsc:'asc', cssDesc:'desc', sortList:[[0,0]], widgets:['zebra'], headers: { 0: {sorter:'alphanumericHeaderSort'}, 1: {sorter:'alphanumericHeaderSort'}, 2: {sorter:'descriptionHeaderSort'}, 3: {sorter:'commaDigit'}, 4: {sorter:'digit'}, 5: {sorter:'descriptionHeaderSort'}, 6: {sorter:'commaDigit'}, 7: {sorter:'dateheaderSort'}, 8: {sorter:'dateheaderSort'} } }); [assuming this is what you meant],but I get the same problem. – Angeline Sep 12 '11 at 12:20

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