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I need to send an e-mail with the default mail client from a .NET application. To achieve that I could use MAPI or execute the mailto command.

Either way, I can't consider all my requirements. May you know a better solution.

Email with:

  • attachments
  • e-mail client's default signature
  • don't use the System.Web.Mail classes because no smtp server details are available.

Thank you and kind regards, Danny

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Probably, refer to the Programatically adding attachments to the Email through C# to know the method of attaching some thing to the Mail. And also look the discussion done here to send a mail through the default mail Client

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they don't consider adding the default signature of the mail client! outlook won't add the default signature to e-mail draft if it's created by the mailto command – dannyyy Sep 12 '11 at 11:29

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