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I have a java application build upon Spring 3.

My aspect ConsumerAspect.java is in separate maven module called Aspect. It has before advice and the pointcut like:

@Before("execution(* handle(..)) && args(inMessage,..)")

And the handle() method is in a different class called EndpointListener.java in a different maven module called Endpoint.

I am using load time weaving and my aop.xml looks like:

<weaver options="-verbose">

    <!-- only weave classes in our application-specific packages -->
    <include within="com.sabre.svm.ods.app.*"/>
    <include within="com.sabre.svm.producer.messaging.*"/>


    <!-- weave in just this aspect -->        
    <aspect name="com.sabre.svm.ods.app.OdsConsumer"/>


As stated above, the first include in the weaver element is the aspect and the second include in the weaver element points to the package which contains the EndpointListener.java.

My spring applicationContext.xml file contains <context:load-time-weaver aspectj-weaving="on"/> <bean id="odsConsumerAspect" class="com.sabre.svm.ods.app.OdsConsumer"></bean>

In the pom.xml of the Aspect module i have used the following plugin:


And lastly i have added the Aspect module as dependency in Endpoint module pom file.

Now when i execute the application, the handle method is not getting intercepted.

When i keep all the files in the same module it works.

I am not able to understand why it's not working.Can some one shed some light.

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