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I've trying to get list of updated/added/deleted files from SVN by svnlook using:

/usr/bin/svnlook changed -r 77 /var/lib/svn/epsilon/decorhouse

but I got some strange thing:

A   data/cms/1315771790_?\208?\147?\209?\128?\208?\176?\209?\132?\209?\132?\208?\184?\209?\130?\208?\190 ?\208?\179?\209?\128?\208?\176?\209?\134?\208?\184?\209?\143 4.jpg

I know this filename is Cyrillic and in Windows-1251 encoding. This file is normally saved in SVN itself, so I can commit and update it normally. But how can I get the correct filename from svnlook?


P.S. Ubuntu 11.04 x64

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One addition: I have using svnlook call from PHP, like exec("svnlook ....", &$output); –  Epsiloncool Sep 12 '11 at 11:39

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You should try invoking following command before running svnlook:

export LANG="ru_RU.cp1251"

You can also set a default lang in your shell start scripts (.bashrc, for example), so you won't have to export it every time.

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