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I just did some analysis by using a global function which is called GetCallingMethod in my case.

Mostly it works great. But some cases the application is blocked. It is blocked when closing the application. When going to "pause" in Visual Studio, it stays on the new StackTrace line forever.

In my application I am using third party references, multithreading and several classes. But all that should not be a problem and should not lock the tracer class as far as I imagine. I am using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate in this case.

Any idea where to look for any solution?

Stack block This line will never be left in development area. Application will is frozen. Try/Catch will not force the procedure.

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Here is what I use and has never given me problems (debug or production).

Dim strMethodName As String = ""
Dim stkTrace As New StackTrace(True)
strMethodName = stkTrace.GetFrame(1).GetMethod().Name

Note: you can put any integer in the GetFrame() as long as it's less than stkTrace.FrameCount that is. 0 is the current frame, 1 is previous, 2 is before that, etc...

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Hi Brett. Thanks for your answer. I also had no problems on smaller projects. On this project there is a huge multithreading stuff running and I think thats a problem. To use True or False argument it did not help. Perhaps another person has same problems like me. When I stay on breakpoint the "new StackTrace" is always working on debugging. Just while running the app it is throwing the error. – Nasenbaer Feb 15 '12 at 10:29

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