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I am using Spring Security with a login page and a remember-me filter. The remember-me filtering can happen on any page of the application.

But I want the same behaviour both when the user is authenticated from login page and from the cookie:

  • I want to set some user information in session
  • I want to redirect the user to the home page (always-use-default-target="true")

I have seen that the success-handler for the remember-me tag is supported by Spring Security since the 3.1.0 (

Another solution for me would be to restrict the URL for the remember-me filter, like the intercept-url. I would allow the remember-me filtering only on the default or home page URL.

Is there a standard way to restrict the URL for the remember-me filter or to redirect the user after cookie authentication before the version 3.1.0?

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Sure - subclass RememberMeAuthenticationFilter and override doFilter(). If the request is for the home page call super.doFilter(), otherwise call chain.doFilter().

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thanks, it means I have to hard-code or define with custom properties the URLs that must be intercepted by the filter. It is ok, but I wondered if there was a kind of intercept-url. – Samuel Sep 12 '11 at 12:47
In Spring 3.0 all the filters apply to all the intercept-urls. In 3.1 you can have different filters applying to different urls. – sourcedelica Sep 12 '11 at 13:13

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