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It seems that the WinForms DataGridView control does not provide a simple method of preventing a row / cell change, which is a little inconvenient right now for me...

Basically, I have a Master-Detail form with two DataGridViews, together with the concept of a View Mode (simple enough) and Edit Mode (basically means you can edit...). When wanting to make changes, the user is required to go into edit mode, make their changes, commit / cancel and then come back to view mode. Simples, yes?

What I am trying do is to prevent the user, when in edit mode, moving to a new master record. I want the user to work one master record at a time, so my plan on doing this was to hook up to some nice BeforeCurrentRowChange event and cancel the change if we were in Edit mode. No such luck.

I can sort of implement something using the CurrentCellChanged event by maintaining the previous row in state somewhere, but this would still see all other other events (like EnterRow / Leave Row etc) fire, which I would prefer to avoid.

Any ideas?

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Have a look at this forum thread. Might point you to a better solution.… – David Hall Sep 12 '11 at 15:35
Thanks for the link - not quite what I am trying to do... I want to actually prevent the move to the different row, not really interested in selection. Probably didn't explain myself very well. Cheers for your time.. – Martin Milan Sep 13 '11 at 7:53

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