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I have one div which contains one button and one form. Inside the form I have a button.

<div style="text-align : center;">
<button id="backButton" class="backButton" value="close" style="width: 100px;">Back</button>
<form method="POST" action="${rc.getContextPath()}/payasiaotclaims/generateIndividualOTClaimReport.json?id=${claimId}" target="_blank">
    <button id="reportButton" class="reportButton" value="report" style="width: 100px;">Report</button>

Now the buttons are coming like stack one top of each other, but I want both buttons to come side by side. What CSS should I use?

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How about creating a jsFiddle of your problem? –  Harry Joy Sep 12 '11 at 12:12

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try to give the float css attribute to your buttons

<button id="backButton" class="backButton" value="close" style="width: 100px; float:left;">
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Use two divs for two buttons, and give float:left; in css..

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