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I am developing a somewhat complex, mostly AJAX application using symfony 1.4. It would be very helpful for me to use some custom properties for my modules, which I defined in the module.yml configuration files, for example:

  first_property: value1
  second_property: value2


This properties would be used mainly for formatting views generated by javascript, using JSON values returned from my modules. For example - in my main module (used to render the base view) controller I wanted to use something like that:

// In frontend/modules/main
$property sfConfig::get('mod_somemodule_someproperty');

It won't work because by default properties of a module are not accessible outside of the module by the sfConfig::get() method.

My question is:

Is it possible to somehow access these properties?

If not - I would be really grateful if somebody suggested a different way in which I could specify some recurring attributes for my modules and the access them from an outside controller.


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I guess you're familiar with the app.yml config? Which is used to store configuration settings through the whole application, not just the selected module. This is the place to store more generic settings...

But, that said. You could just open the module.yml of your choice with the sfYaml class. Something like this (pseudo code)

$moduleName = 'module';
$path = sfConfig::get('sf_app_dir').'/modules/'.$moduleName.'/config/module.yml';
$moduleConfig = sfYaml::load($path);
$property = $moduleConfig['all']['first_property'];

Optionally, you could merge the items all key with the selected environment.

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If you want to access the module configuration outside the module, why not make the configuration be app level configuration? And if you want to share the app level configuration between apps, the configuration should be project level.

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Yes, I am aware that I could specify the settings application-wide, I only thought it would by more appropriate (or elegant) to set them per module - because they are basically module-level. For example - a property named visible_fields, defining which model fields should be visible in the list view. –  Przemek Sep 12 '11 at 13:13
Point being it is not more appropriate at module level when you need them across modules. –  Gerry Sep 12 '11 at 14:07
So I went with app-level settings. Thank you all for your replies. –  Przemek Sep 13 '11 at 7:29

Whenever I've wanted to share any code outside a module, I've just put it in a plugin, from which any module can get at it. I don't know that this works for properties, but I suspect so.

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