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Can anyone help me to find the streaming URL of the INDIE 103.1 online player? I'm looking for a way to play the stream directly through the Chrome Radio Player extension. I already tried fiddling with tcpdump:

tcpdump -i wlan0 -nn -s0 -A -l|grep --line-buffered "XEDAFM?streamtheworld_user" -A 2|grep --line-buffered "Host: \|GET "

and found requests of the form

.UY&.X.{GET /KDLDFMAAC?streamtheworld_user=1&nobuf=1315831486041 HTTP/1.1

However, trying to play doesn't seem to work.


I found that the URL plays the stream when accessed directly via Chromium. However, the Radio Player extension doesn't play the stream. All I can see from terminal is

New Stream Requested - chrome-extension://hgjdhckebbdoobhniheihpdogeoeelbn/background.html
Entering destroy stream reason = 0 for chrome-extension://hgjdhckebbdoobhniheihpdogeoeelbn/background.html
Sending SetProgressText to connection 0x56f95a0
URL Notify url = 'chrome-extension://hgjdhckebbdoobhniheihpdogeoeelbn/background.html'
reason = 0
New Stream Requested -
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Please have a look here: Indie 103.1 FM lives again on the web

Using this URL "" you can run Indie 103.1 in the Chrome Radio Player extension.


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Thanks for your answer. I actually uninstalled the radio player extension some time ago and now I can't find it in the Chrome Web Store anymore. Looks like the author removed it. So, unfortunately, I'm unable to check that link in Chrome. – hennes Apr 23 '12 at 6:27

In case anyone finds this question (like I did through Google), Indie 103.1 is now streaming at

I listen through Rhythmbox.

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If your player prefers MP3 to AAC, also works.

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