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In Objective C, when you define an enum, all of the enum values are visible everywhere and clog the global namespace.

I would like to make it Java-style and enforce that enums are only accessible thru the enum type name, e.g. with

typedef enum
} Day;

I want to make sure that simply calling MONDAY produces compilation error or at least warning, and the only way to access the enum value were something like Day.MONDAY or Day::MONDAY or [Day MONDAY] or...

In Java I either use Enums or Interfaces, but is this doable in Objective-C?

If not, then I'd have to name all enums like this: DAY_MONDAY, DAY_TUESDAY... to make them easier to seach in auto-completion pop-up.

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It's just a workaround, but you can create a custom interface with a number of class methods (so that there's no need to create an instance), where each method represent a constant.

This way constants will be accessible only as you asked (ie. Day.MONDAY or [Day MONDAY]).

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There is no such thing as C++/Java-style static class variables, right? That's why class methods.. Thx for your idea, it will work, yet of course defining all those methods would be too much typing.. – iseeall Sep 12 '11 at 14:08

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