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Is there any data feed, xml or api that will allow you to retrieve all the stocks (maybe limited to USA) and their current prices (not realtime). I know I can hit google or yahoo to get the price of one stock but I would like to get all of them.

and it has to be free.

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possible duplicate of Webservice to get stock quotes? – monksy Sep 14 '11 at 16:42

I don't think there is a service which provides prices for "all the stocks" as it is hard to define "all". Do you want to receive all listed stocks? It would be 2000+ for NYSE and another 2000+ for NASDAQ.

The closest I am aware it mutli-ticker request from Yahoo!, but you need to provide tickers in the query. (Beware of the Yahoo! Web Services limits)

Second solution is to use Google API, build a portfolio with required positions (tickers) and query data through it. Although sounds simpler, you must be aware that Google Finance API is deprecated (but not shut down yet).

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