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I'm using a URL with a jsessionid, eg.


Yet whenever I read the session ID in the HttpServletRequest the value is never 123, but instead a generated session ID, eg. B663A96D3FBC84B4A427C0810EAB9073.

Why is my jsessionid being ignored?

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How did you generate this session ID? Which container do you use (tomcat, etc.)? You can't simply set a JSESSIONID by yourself... – home Sep 12 '11 at 14:33

That's because you specified a session ID for which no concrete HttpSession object exist in server's memory. In other words, the given session ID is unknown/invalid. You need to specify a session ID which refers a valid and existing HttpSession object in server's memory.

Assuming that you do have a valid HttpSession with ID B663A96D3FBC84B4A427C0810EAB9073 currently in server's memory, then the following link will work and give the enduser access to exactly that HttpSession:


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My guess would be that most application servers these days default to using cookies for session tracking, not URL rewriting. Check the documentation of your appserver for how to configure this.

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