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I need to access the HttpRequest object in my Resource's dehydrate method.

In the docs, it shows that bundle.request is a valid attribute (it's in the resources.html page). When I try to add it to my code, I get an error claiming that Bundle' object has no attribute 'request'. What gives?

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I just had the same problem, but found the correct answer over here: http://groups.google.com/group/django-tastypie/tree/browse_frm/thread/801f44af3f2dbe7b/a36f303380eacf96

it seems django-tasty-pie version 0.9.9 didn't have this attribute but version 0.9.10 does!

so if you use buildout, look in to buildout.cfg under versions: search for django-tastypie = 0.9.9

remove this one and see what your install picks or replace it with:

django-tastypie = 0.9.10

I still have this problem, so opened a new link, see:

django-tastypie: Cannot access bundle.request in dehydrate(self,bundle)

in the question above I found out, that using 0.9.10 is not enough, version 1.0.0 beta should do the tric..

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Bundle object has request attribute.

class Bundle(object):
    A small container for instances and converted data for the
    ``dehydrate/hydrate`` cycle.

    Necessary because the ``dehydrate/hydrate`` cycle needs to access data at
    different points.
    def __init__(self, obj=None, data=None, request=None):
        self.obj = obj
        self.data = data or {}
        self.request = request or HttpRequest()

Anyway, you can ovveride the Resource method higher than dehydrate in the call stack.

Could you show the code?

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