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This might be a pretty basic issue but I feel like I'm way over my head with it. I created a client side web service java object using the customer provided wdsl (wsimport). the problem is that they are saying I need to include a security header so it will connect. the header is not in the WSDL. I did some research into this and it seems that I need to import a wsit-client.xml into it when I do the wsimport. I can't seem to find a clear example of this file. I have tried to piece one together from the example I have found but when I run wsimport it never seems to pick it up. here is what I have:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<definitions targetNamespace="http://www.jboss.org/jbossws/ws-extensions/wssecurity" name="SecurityService"
<portType name="LOOKUP_PortType"/>
  <binding name="LOOKUP_Binding" type="tns:LOOKUP_PortType">
   <wsp:PolicyReference URI="#lookupSecurityPolicy"/>
<service name="XXSW_GPOS_CUSTOMER_CREDIT_PKG_Service">
  <port name="XXSW_GPOS_CUSTOMER_CREDIT_PKG_Port" binding="tns:LOOKUP_Binding"/>
<wsp:Policy wsu:Id="lookupSecurityPolicy">
        <sc:CallbackHandlerConfiguration wspp:visibility="private">
           <sc:CallbackHandler name="usernameHandler" default="username" />
           <sc:CallbackHandler name="passwordHandler" default="password" />

the XML isn't malformed but I know I'm missing something or completely have the whole idea of this wrong. I really need a good walk through of how to create this but I can't seem to find one on the net. any help would be very appreciated.

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wsit-client.xml is not used by wsimport. You put in in /META-INF/ and Metro reads it when you connect to the service.

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