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In my current project we use the NetAdvantage components, albeit in a slightly older version (version 9.2) for legacy reasons. We cannot, at the moment, afford to update and the v9.2 components do their work for us quite well.

However, some components drive our developers -- me included -- almost mad. This is made all the harder by the documentation apparently being unavailable; I can only find the help and documentation on the website reach back to 2010.

Does anyone know where to find "old" documentation for the NetAdvantage v9.2 for WinForms? Thank you in advance.

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Assuming that you have an account at Infragistics, you could log in to "My IG", "My Keys and Downloads", click on the NetAdvantage tab and choose the product key that you are having for NetAdvantage 2009 vol2 version.

Under "Documentation & SDK" you would be able to find the NetAdvantage documentation for your platform.

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