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Is there someway to have a part of the page that renders like a little sub-page, like components?

For example, if I have a shopping cart on all my pages?

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If you want it to render another controllers action, as a component, to get encapsulation, you use.


uses routedata to get you there, has its own viewdata and kind of mini life cycle

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Using preview 5, Html.RenderPartial is your man, you can render sub-controls, and pass them your viewdata, or an arbitrary model, and new viewdata combo.

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You can create an ActionFilter that modifies the view data. That way, you can decorate every action that returns the partial with the action filter. Take a look at my post:

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Interesting, thanks for the link :) – Jesper Blad Jensen Sep 16 '08 at 16:39

You are looking for subcontrollers. This implementation is the best way to do what you are talking about.

Edit: I just posted about this here:

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