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I'm using Maven 3.0.3. I have a project that inherits from a parent …

    <name>Myco Selenium Utils</name>

In my parent pom I have the below profile. However, I only want this profile to be active if someone is doing a build on the parent pom, as opposed to one of its children. Does anyone know how I can adjust the below so that it won't be activated if someone is doing a build of a child project?

                                                                            <condition property="is-release">
                                                                                            <contains string="${project.version}" substring="SNAPSHOT" />
                                                                            <fail if="is-release" message="You can only deploy snapshot versions of this project." />

Thanks, - Dave

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You could try activating it by the presence/absence of a file or directory. You can find an example in the Sonatype Maven book. Note that there's a difference between "current working directory" and "${project.basedir}", and the differences are slightly different between Maven 2 and Maven 3, if that matters to you.

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Thanks for the idea about profile activation based on presence of a file, but my parent project only has a pom.xml file and a target directory, not enough (based on those files alone) to distinguish it from child projects. Any other thoughts? - – Dave Sep 12 '11 at 17:20
@Dave. You can always add directory ( and/or file ) even to a pom project. – Alexander Pogrebnyak Sep 12 '11 at 20:35

I had a similar situation, I wanted to run a profile in a subproject by default but not when build from the top level, and at the same time give the option to run it from the top project as well.

I used the user.dir property for that in combination of Ryan's reference.

in integration project's pom:

        <!-- Two ways of activating this profile -->
            <!-- Run the build from the top with param -DfullTest -->
            <!-- Run the build from the integration directory -->

If needs to be disabled just change the <missing/> for a <exists/>.

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