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Is there any property in the 'iCal' standard which can automatically update calendar? For example, UPDATEURL: mysite.com/myFile.ics UPDATEFREQUENSY:1DAY

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there is nothing in the standard specifying the update rate. However Microsoft has a custom way to control the update frequency: with a custom calendar property: X-PUBLISHED-TTL (see microsoft msdn calendar) Property: X-PUBLISHED-TTL

Brief Description: Specifies a suggested iCalendar file download frequency for clients and servers with sync capabilities.

however note that this property being custom will be ignored by other calendars

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Such properties have been proposed in this draft RFC:

5.4. URL Property

This specification modifies the definition of the "URL" property to allow it to be defined on an iCalendar object. The following additions are made to the definition of this property.

Purpose: This property specifies a URL from where the calendar data was retrieved or where it can be refreshed.

Conformance: This property can be specified once in an iCalendar object.

Description: This property specifies a URL identifying the source of the calendar data and a location from where updates can be retrieved.



Purpose: This property specifies a suggested minimum interval for polling for changes of the calendar data from the original source of that data.

Value Type: DURATION - no default

Property Parameters: IANA and non-standard property parameters can be specified on this property.

Conformance: This property can be specified once in an iCalendar object.

Description: This property specifies a positive duration that gives a suggested minimum polling interval for checking for updates to the calendar data. The value of this property SHOULD be used by calendar user agents to limit the polling interval for calendar data updates to the minimum interval specified.

Format Definition: This property is defined by the following notation:

   refresh      = "REFRESH-INTERVAL" refreshparam
                    ":" dur-value CRLF
                    ;consisting of a positive duration of time.

   refreshparam = *(
                   ; The following is REQUIRED,
                   ; but MUST NOT occur more than once.
                   (";" "VALUE" "=" "DURATION") /
                   ; The following is OPTIONAL,
                   ; and MAY occur more than once.
                   (";" other-param)

Example: The following is an example of this property:


Note that this is still just a proposal. I don't think the new properties are currently supported by any calendar software.

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