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BACKGROUND: For a chat app I'm rendering a partial of all messages in the chat. Each instance of the partial is rendered with the following (time_ago being a custom method) :

<%= message.message %><span class="time_ago"><%= time_ago(message) %></span>

When a user submits a new message, I use an AJAX call to update the chat with the new message using the following (from create.js.erb file) :

$("#chat_messages").append("<%= escape_javascript render @message %>");

ISSUE: After X amount of time, I'd like to auto refresh the time_ago span for each message in the partial.

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With javascript you should get $("chat_messages"), iterate it's rows, and for each span wich has the class time_ago you should update the content.

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I ended up using the TimeAgo plugin. It works awesomely.

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