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We have many developers here using MSVC 2008 and I want to standardize the Visual Studio settings and project setup.

In particular, I want:

1) All of the settings in the Tools -> Options to be the same (especially the tab settings!)

2) We have a source repository where we have a shared folder. The shared folder has header files/code that we re-use in multiple solutions (.sln) developed by different people. I want all new VC project created to automatically include (/I) the directories and link to the shared .lib/dll in that shared folder. (Note: this process has become so un-necessarily labor-intensive where each time we create a new solution, we have to re-type these include/lib names over and over)

Could someone please save us and point us to the right solution?

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For #1, you can easily set up one Visual Studio environment, and then use the Import/Export Settings (under the Tools menu) to save a settings file that can be loaded into everyone's environment.

For #2, you could try creating a project template, so that whenever someone created a new project, they could use that template and it would include those items automatically.

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For tab settings and whatnot, you can use the Tools -> Import and Export Settings to create a standard settings file that you could check into source control. Any new developers could pull that and import it into their Visual Studio settings.

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For 1 a novel approach would be to use Microsoft's Live Mesh Sync VS Settings with Live Mesh. It would be an easy way to keep all your developers using the same VS settings, although I could see that causing problems once individuals start customising to their own tastes.

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