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My use case is not to model a business process workflow. I need a simple, easy to use and low learning curve workflow engine where I can model a simple workflow. I have a bunch of backend processes and each process needs to wait for the completion of previous process and also look at its status.

I see a whole bunch here but can't decide which one to use! http://java-source.net/open-source/workflow-engines


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You can use WSO2 Carbon Studio to model the workflow using the BPEL editor, then deploy the artefact in WSO2 BPS or Apache ODE.

You can use Eclipse Helios with WSO2 Carbon Studio 1.0.14

You can find a tutorial here.

Also this article explains a similar workflow which you have mentioned in the question.

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Check out WSO2 Products


enter image description here



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The three most visible/active, in alphabetical order:

I'd suggest going through the tutorial/quickstart of each of them to get acquainted.

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Imixs Workflow is an open source Java Enterprise workflow engine. With the sub project Imixs Workflow Script you have an easy way to start with a workflow application based on JavaScript and jQuery.

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