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Hi I am trying to do nearest neighbor queries on integer data. It seems that cv::flann does not support this. Is this true?

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Yes, it is possible to use FLANN nearest neighbor searches on integer data. You need to use a distance measure for integers. Some distance measures are templates, parameterized on data type (as in the example below), others have hard coded types (e.g. HammingLUT has unsigned char element type and int result (distance) type). You can also implement your own distance measure, see <opencv2/flann/dist.h> for details.

Example - a quote from the code that uses unsigned char data:

// we use euclidean distances on unsigned chars:
typedef cv::flann::L2<unsigned char> Distance_U8;
cv::flann::GenericIndex< Distance_U8 > * m_flann;

// ...
// we have 3d features
cv::Mat features( features_count, 3, CV_8UC1 );

// ... fill the features matrix ...

// ... build the index ...
m_flann = new cv::flann::GenericIndex< Distance_U8 > (features, params);

// ... 

// how many neighbours per query?
in knn = 5;
// search params - see documentation
cvflann::SearchParams params;

// prepare the matrices
// query data - unsigned chars, 3d (like features)
cv::Mat input_1( n_pixels, 3, CV_8UC1 ),
        // indices into features array - integers
        indices_1( n_pixels, knn, CV_32S ),
        // distances - floats (even with integer data distances are floats)
        dists_1( n_pixels, knn, CV_32F );

m_flann->knnSearch( input_1, indices_1, dists_1, 1, params);
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Hi @artm - where is this code sample taken from? Is ip open source? Thanks. –  rursw1 May 30 '13 at 9:27
yes, it's from this project: github.com/v2lab/vote-counter –  artm May 30 '13 at 10:08
Thank you! I was just looking for an example like this. –  rursw1 Jun 2 '13 at 6:17
that project used a mix of Qt and OpenCV, could be a bit messy to learn from, but it worked as recently as Oct 2012 (tested on linux mint and Mac OSX) :-) –  artm Jun 3 '13 at 9:40

No, FLANN is for float descriptors only. Although poorly documented the OpenCV set of matchers and descriptors must be used carefully.

There is a bug report on the ros trac explaining in more detail, but basically descriptors and matchers only handle certain types of data, and this must be respected. I've included an extract from the previously mentioned page here for reference:

float descriptors: SIFT, SURF
uchar descriptors: ORB BRIEF

for float descriptor: FlannBased BruteForce BruteForce-L1
for uchar descriptor: BruteForce-Hamming BruteForce-HammingLUT

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