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I am trying to do some profiles on some applications regarding low-level efficiency in OO frameworks, namely, instruction counts, cache-miss, TLB misses, and things of the sort. So far I was able to do these kind of measurements in Java mixing the Papi profiler instrumentations with JNI and AspectJ to get the desired info.

I was wondering if anyone knows about something similar in C#, i.e., mixing C#, aspect oriented programming (AoP) and some kind calling interfaces between C and C#.

I've been googling and found there already is an AoP related framework for C# called AspectSharp, however it seems a bit complicated to configure and use it in Mono (which is what I use for C#).

So in conclusion I'm asking for help in

  • AspectSharp
  • C/C++ <=> C# interfaces (?)

Thanks in advance

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