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I have created the following page http://kylehouston.com/testing/localscroll/ where I have a number of main links and then sublinks for these. At the moment when a main link is clicked the content scrolls vertically and when a sublink is clicked eg Blue Inner Link 1 the content slides horizontally.

My question is how can I update the script so that when I click a main link the content scrolls horizontally and when I click a sublink the content scrolls vertically?

Thanks Kyle

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Based on the documentation I think you need to setup selectors that target the parents and children separately. Then set the axis property.

$('parent selector').localScroll({

$('child selector').localScroll({

Right now your code uses the same selector and default axis for everything

$.localScroll.defaults.axis = 'xy';
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thanks for this, would I need to float my sections to the left and remove the float left on each of the list items? –  styler Sep 12 '11 at 16:54

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