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I am developing a real time game. Therefore, I also want to provide a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Now there is my problem… When I commit the information to the other device I need to parse it. I send ~ 30 messages a second. Everything is working fine except the garbage collector. When I run the game it lags every second cause of the running garbage collector.

I have tried to send an xml and parse it by a SAX parser…. But there the GC starts… I also tried to send my own primitive data… the result is the same… when I split the strings the GC gets started… Also when I try to convert my strings to other values (int/float …) the GC is started.

I really have no clue how to avoid this!!

It would be great if someone can give me a hint how to send and receive realtime information without starting the garbage collector!!!

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can you provide the parsing code you use? Maybe its just a small issue in the code?! –  WarrenFaith Sep 12 '11 at 17:09
post what youve tried. its likely how you instantiate the objects, and need to be using a singleton or factory pool methodology. –  yep Sep 12 '11 at 18:05

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