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I'm converting some Flex down to an Actionscript project and need to get up to speed as quickly as possible on a lightweight framwork for doing basic animation.

The components may have some very simple data access - such as reading a list of images, but nothing clever.

What I really want is an equivalent of Flex's 'AnimateProperty' or 'Move'. Yes very simple!

I just don't want to have to go too low level and start doing x+= in an onEnterFrame() event handler. I just want to replace timeline based animation with object oriented script.

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I like caurina which is easy to use but able to handle really complex things. It can be found here. But the best is just to grap a few and test them yourself.

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Oops. it pretty much looks like gTween is being discontinued and the author is now working collaboratively with the author of 'TweenLite / TweenMax', which now has some cool pseudo-timeline based animation abilities.

I've switched to that now.

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Edit: Changed my mind about gTween. See my other post below/above.

Its still in Beta but I'm liking the look of gTween

GTween is a light-weight instance oriented tween engine. This means that you instantiate tweens for specific purposes, and then reuse, update or discard them. This is different than centralized tween engines where you "register" tweens with a global object. This provides a more familiar and useful interface for object oriented programmers.

This doc actually gives a better overview that the main gTween page.

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