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I've seen lots of posts on Selenium for web integration testing, but not for web and office documents (MS Office or OpenOffice).

I would like to create an integration test to test opening a document over WebDAV and saving the document to a given location (can be Windows or Linux path).

Does anyone know of a framework that would support the following steps in a single integration test?

  1. Send a HTTP request to a server, say http://myserver/mypath.
  2. Simulate a URL click on a link like http://myserver/mypath/mydoc.doc.
  3. When mydoc.doc opens on the client (in MS Office or OpenOffice) enter some text and save it to a given location.
  4. Close mydoc.doc (closing whatever application handles it, i.e. Word or OpenOffice).
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Answering my own question here, looks like http://sikuli.org will do the trick, have yet to test it though

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