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for all files containing a line like:

 <class name="blahblahblah" foo="bar" fooz="baz">

I would like to add this line right afterwards.

 <cache usage="read-write">

The key text for searching is

  <class name=

I have access to a bash shell for this.


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Please get hold of proper XML tools. Sed and grep aren't fit for handling XML; it may look like plain text, but looks are deceiving. – larsmans Sep 12 '11 at 18:09
Thanks, larsmans. But, there is nothing specific to XML in this question. I simply need to add a single line of text at a certain point in the file. – Jacko Sep 12 '11 at 18:11

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Try this one:

sed -i '/<class name=*/ a\
<cache usage="read-write">' filename.xml

and remember it is just one single command. The -i option (--in-place) changes the given file (in place).

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Is Awk an option?

awk '{ print; if ($0 ~ "<class name=") print "<cache usage=\"read-write\">"; }'

(Though I still strongly object to using line-oriented tools on XML files. A decent XML toolset saves you a lot of trouble in the long run.)

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