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I create a MKMapView and associate a MKMapViewDelegate with it.

The MKMapViewDelegate gets notified correctly that DidUpdateUserLocation and other life cycle events occurred.

When I create another MKMapView later on in the app, the MKMapViewDelegate doesn't receive any notifications about MapLoaded or the like. Just the constructor is fired.

How do I get a new map instance the 2nd time to update the MKMapViewDelegate with lifecycle events?

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Yes, but a new one. I found if I use the RegionDidChange event, that will work though. –  BahaiResearch.com Sep 12 '11 at 20:00
it sounds kinda odd, shouldn't happen. How are you creating both mapviews.. could you post some example code? –  Faizan S. Sep 12 '11 at 20:09

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Using .NET for iPhones (MonoTouch)

In the Map Delegate handle this event ONCE only, it gets fired a lot. This way you never need to worry about how the map caches.

    public override void RegionChanged (MKMapView mapView, bool animated)
        if (!hasSetupMapBoolean)
            localCopymap = mapView;
            DoYourSetupMap ();
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