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Is PHP's json_decode() secure as opposed to eval()? The eval() function can runs the code, but does json_decode() do that as well?

Thanks, Rik

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Since JSON can only represent data, json_decode will not execute php code.

However, just like any other function, the implementation of json_decode could be buggy and allow arbitrary (binary, not (only) php) code execution, for example with a buffer overflow. Due to the relatively simple and widely used code, this is unlikely, and there is nothing you can or should do in a php program to mitigate that.

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+1 for bugs. PHP has not had a good security history, especially string handlers many of which have allowed arbitrary memory access. See the information in the question Exploitable PHP functions stackoverflow.com/questions/3115559/exploitable-php-functions/…. Certainly on PHP versions less than 5.2.9 a malicious attacker can cause a denial of service using json_decode(); see CVE 2009-1271 osvdb.org/52486 I would always try and perform at least a perfunctory form of validation yourself on completely untrusted data. –  Cheekysoft Sep 13 '11 at 11:20
This is not a helpful answer. The question is exactly whether json_decode might be buggy and allow arbitrary code execution. You didn't answer the question. –  D.W. Sep 16 '11 at 23:50
D.W. Since the OP explicitely mentioned eval as a negative example (which is not intended to allow arbitrary code execution, just arbitrary php code execution), I don't think he considered bugs in the php implementation. Also, unless I'm totally misreading your comment, the second paragraph of this answer answers exactly "whether json_decode might be buggy and allow arbitrary code execution", with "yes, just like any other function". I'm puzzled as to what could be improved to clarify this answer. Can you give a hint? –  phihag Sep 17 '11 at 0:01

eval() and json_decode() are two different functions, i don't know why you think they are similar. One evaluate a string as PHP code and the other decodes a JSON string. Nothing is executed when json_decode is run.

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Perhaps the OP is confusing eval() in PHP with eval() in Javascript. In Javascript eval() does what json_decode() does in PHP (turn JSON into an object) in addition to being able to evaluate and execute a string as code. –  Jason Dean Sep 12 '11 at 23:45

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