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Writing manually test cases in Watir and Selenium is pretty easy (and sometimes brainless!) but I would love to record test cases automatically while I am using a Website. This becomes very handy especially to non-developers like QA and testing managers. These people certainly do not want to mess around with code.

The problem is that one of the Websites I am testing is IE only and therefore tools such as the Selenium FF extension are automatically excluded. Therefore, I am checking for alternative open-source solutions that are suited also for IE. One of these is Sahi which has a proxy that can record a test case but this comes at a cost.

What is your opinion?

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Even though the IDE plugin is Firefox-specific, the recorded test code it generates should be browser-agnostic. Is the test the Selenium IDE records in Firefox not working correctly in IE for some reason? – user937146 Sep 13 '11 at 21:50
But the problem is that the Website has a lot of IE specific code and therefore it does not load well in FF without any amendments. A proxy could trap any call (irrespective of the browser) the application makes but apparently there is not any decent opensource one available. WebDriver is also a great testing framework (built on top of Watir) but again I am thinking along the lines of a non-developer (if that is possible!) – user164701 Sep 13 '11 at 22:15

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Oracle Application Testing Suite can record tests in IE.

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Sahi has two versions: Open Source and Pro. Open Source is free to use.

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I have found a few Watir recorders:

I could not recommend any of them, because I did not use any.

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