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Can I do something like this in C++ ?

//int i,Data[];
//malloc Data[];


Data[] is an int array and I am trying to read in random indices according to the value of 'i' I read in in one shot.

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All parameters passed to a function are completely evaluated before the function is called. –  Loki Astari Sep 13 '11 at 0:05

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You can do it this way:

int index, value;
sscanf(line, "Data[%d]=%d", &index, &value);
// Check if index is within bounds of the array here
Data[index] = value;

You need the '&' because sscanf takes pointers as arguments.

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Yeah..that's what I finally resorted to. Using a temp variable. But you know..I am not a big fan of temp variables. –  Jean Sep 12 '11 at 21:14

Why not try it yourself? Don't forget you need to pass pointers to your values i.e.

sscanf(line, "Data[%d]=0x%d", &i, &Data[i]);

Whether or not it works (and it for the record, it doesn't), it makes for much more readable / safe code to do the assignment with a separate call (what happens if i is greater than the end of the array?):

const int maxData = 10;
int Data[maxData];

int i;
int tmp;
sscanf(line, "Data[%d]=0x%d", &i, &tmp);

if( i >= maxData )
    printf("Error! index was too big");
    Data[i] = tmp;

[Edit] @ the down-voters: I know it doesn't work I was just trying to encourage the OP to try it for his/her self

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This cannot work since Data[i] must be evaluated before the call to sscanf. –  ildjarn Sep 12 '11 at 21:08

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