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I want to do some maths and practice my C++ programming (although I also know C and C# I want to use C++; probably a bit stupid knowing how much easier doing it in C# is going to be...).

Anyway, I need some data. I've taken some sunspot data, some sea tide data etc. but I also want something from the financial sector because it has it's own specific properties that are very interesting.

I know about google's API but as far as I know it's not supported and is going to be replaced. It's been like that for several years now. I don't want to learn it and have them change it.

Any ideas? I'm currently looking for API's but I'm not a financial institution so I'm looking for free ones :).

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See for a list of API. For example Harvest should give you a 30-day free trail. That should be enough to get your exercise running.

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