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I'm trying to search for a variable value in my URL using php. This is an example of my URL:

I want the script I'm building to check the gallery variable found in my URL.

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This may help:



   echo "The variable exists!";
   echo "The variable DOES NOT exist!";


isset function

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Um... the value of gallery will be in $_GET['gallery']. Then use if statements if / switch statements if you want to check it against something.

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Check to see if the variable is set:

if (isset($_GET['gallery'])) {
    $galleryVar = $_GET['gallery'];
    //do whatever
else {
    //gallery is not set
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As others have said, you can use superglobals like $_GET or $_REQUEST to test the presence of certain request parameters of your URL for your current request.

If you need to check some arbitrary URL that isn't for your current request, there are some builtin functions in PHP that can help:


$url = "";
$query = parse_url($url, PHP_URL_QUERY);
parse_str($query, $params);
if (isset($params["gallery"])) {
  // yes!

See also:

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$gallery = $_GET['gallery'];
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