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My question is simple:

Is there any way I can test/run/debug my 32-bit assembly code on a Mac?

I'm taking an Intro to Assembly Language class, but I don't always have access to a pc. I have xCode and I know it should be able to run NSAM, but that doesn't really help. I have to use MASM because that is what we use in class and if it doesn't compile then I get a 0.

Thanks very much.

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masm is microsoft specific. You can use nasm

As far as access to PC is concerned, why not run windows in a virtual machine (e.g. virtualbox or vmware fusion or parallels workstation) I run windows XP in a VM on all of my machines -- some tools, like HP iLO, require .NET framework or IE or some other strange windows-specific package ...

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I just successfully did this using the DOSBOX emulator.

Just download DOSBOX, type mount c ~/path/to/8086folder to create a C drive, then C: to switch to the emulated C drive.

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