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I currently have a Flex project that was done in Eclipse, using the following compiler settings:

Flex Build Path: (Source Path) includes source folders from other areas, i.e common_components, which aren't projects on their own but just folders with various code I need to share. This works fine but I want to migrate to using ant.

I have read in places on how to include libraries, via compiler.include-libraries, but as this isn't a library but rather just bunch of folders with .as and MXML files, how do i accomplish this?

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Please reword this question. It's overly broad and we have no idea what you're trying to accomplish? What have you tried? Where your build script? I will have to vote to close if no other information is given. –  J_A_X Sep 13 '11 at 3:30
Sorry did not receive response via email so i didn't see your comment. Revising question above right now. hang on –  Doz Sep 18 '11 at 6:17

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You want to look into adding source paths so that the compile can look at more than one place for your classes. You can do that by adding new compiler options.

The compiler option you're looking for is source-path path-element [...].

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