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I have a perl progaram its prints output with color. if I rediect the output in the file and open it in vi I see color special character. something like this.

^[[31;43mAnd this is red on_yellow too^[[0m

What is the best way to remove this color character from the output file?



I tried thid regex. it works for me:

 cat -v a|head
^[[30;41mThis is black on_red^[[0m
^[[30;41mAnd this is black on_red too^[[0m
^[[30;42mThis is black on_green^[[0m
^[[30;42mAnd this is black on_green too^[[0m
^[[30;43mThis is black on_yellow^[[0m
^[[30;43mAnd this is black on_yellow too^[[0m
^[[30;44mThis is black on_blue^[[0m
^[[30;44mAnd this is black on_blue too^[[0m
^[[30;45mThis is black on_magenta^[[0m
^[[30;45mAnd this is black on_magenta too^[[0m

$ cat -v a|head|perl -lane 's/\^\[\[\d+(;\d+)*m//g; print'
This is black on_red
And this is black on_red too
This is black on_green
And this is black on_green too
This is black on_yellow
And this is black on_yellow too
This is black on_blue
And this is black on_blue too
This is black on_magenta
And this is black on_magenta too
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if you just want to view it use less -R – Karoly Horvath Sep 12 '11 at 22:59
What means bast? – vol7ron Sep 12 '11 at 23:14

Coincidentally I just had to solve this problem, and this is the regexp I came up with:

while (<>) {

I just derived this by examining some example output (in particular, the output of grep --color=always ...), so it may not cover all the escapes you expect.

According to the information on this site, the last character class could probably be shorten from [a-zA-Z] to just [mK].

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The Perl module Term::ANSIColor provides a function, colorstrip(), to do just this. For example,

ls --color | perl -MTerm::ANSIColor=colorstrip -ne 'print colorstrip($_)'

Module Term::ANSIColor is part of the Perl core.

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