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I am asking a user for two non-negative integer values in C. I then want to convert these to percentages (expressed as decimals). Unfortunately, my floats are coming up as zeroes. Why is this, and how do I fix it?

int a = 5;
int b = 10;
int total = a + b;

float a_percent = a / total;
float b_percent = b / total;

printf("%.2f, %.2f\n", a_percent, b_percent);
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Now would be a good time for accepting, as there are more than enough answers explaining the problem and providing a solution and the question is easy enough to assume that there won't be any more insightful answers in the future. If you nevertheless still got any questions about one of the answers, feel free to ask them. Otherwise just abandoning a question after solving it yourself is extremely bad practice on a feedback-based Q&A site. –  Christian Rau Sep 26 '11 at 22:58

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You aren't using floats, you're using integers, and so the integral division gives zero (which is then assigned to a float).

To perform a floating-point operation, you must first convert the integers (or at least one of them) to a float. Conveniently, we just use total:

float total = a + b; // exact
float ap = a / total;
float bp = b / total; // OK, these are now floating-point operations
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In addition to the problems others have pointed out, the ratio won't be a percentage until you multiply it by 100.0.

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An int divided by an int will always return an int. You'll have to make one of the two arguments a float before dividing:

float a_percent = (float) a / total;
float b_percent = (float) b / total;
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I am not a C expert, but my guess is because dividing an int by an int always results in an int.

You may need to do something like this:

float a_percent = (float)a/total;

float b_percent = (float)b/total;
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You're first performing an integer division, then converting the result to floating point. This will not give the results you want. Either make total a floating point value to begin with (so that the types get automatically promoted right) or cast a and b to (float) before performing the division.

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You are using integer math not floating point here. Try:

float a_percent = a/(float)total;

float b_percent = b/(float)total;
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For a simple percentage you may be happier using fixed-point. Just multiply your numerator (a or b) by 100 and you'll get the percentage from the division. forex:

int a = 5;
int b = 10;

int total = a + b;

int a_percent = 100*a/total;  
int b_percent = 100*b/total;

printf("a%%=%d, b%%=d\n", a_percent, b_percent);
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