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Is it possible to "degrade" the quality of textures in OpenGL ES? By degrade I mean make the images more pixelated/blocky/blurry etc.

My goal is to reduce the size of textures to help glReadPixels run faster (transfer less bytes from VRAM to RAM).

Perhaps I can do something before calling glCopyTexImage2D such that the copied texture is lower quality (and hopefully a smaller size)?

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Render your scene to an FBO (frame buffer object) that is a smaller size than the display.

Note that reducing the size of the textures used to render your scene won't reduce the size of the data glReadPixels has to read back.

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Ok cool. How can I reduce the amount of data glReadPixels reads back? Can I somehow read back a smaller image then expand it later so it becomes more pixelated, blurry etc? – SundayMonday Sep 13 '11 at 17:06

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